In totality we have the capacity to produce 3.5 to 4 million pieces per annum. Our infrastructure is made up of multiple manufacturing units which are constantly upgraded to match the constant technical up gradation that takes in the world market.

Our policy for production is very simple. First we make detailed study on our customer, his size, and his requirements. Based on this study a core team is then appointed and lines are set in such a away that the same technicians generally continuously produce for a particular customer under the trained guidance of production planners and quality assurance managers.

On the whole to summarize we have five independent manufacturing units based in Mumbai, Sangli, Islampur, Kagal and Ambap adding up to 12oo machines in addition to our own in house sampling centre, embroidery and washing units. All our units also have many kinds of specialized machinery for special techniques such as smocking, fagotting, pleating, washing and pin tucking.